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Empowering people. Transforming communities.

Cosmos Alliance (formerly Cosmos Healthcare Inc) creates dynamic partnerships that transform the health of communities in developing nations. We support and empower locals through in-person and remote training, mentoring and development projects. We work with like-minded organisations and health authorities to achieve our goals and pave a sustainable way for the future.
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Our story over the past 20 years
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We’re a Christian health and development organisation based in Perth, Western Australia.
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We want to improve the health and wellbeing of those less fortunate in the developing world. We follow Christ’s example of helping those in need.
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Our projects empower people, giving them a hand up.

We deliver training programs for health workers, vital health programs, and life-giving water and sanitation projects.
Like-minded organisations, local churches, health authorities, and governments.

Together, let’s make a greater difference.
Map of the world in white. Pointing out Australia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Papua New Guinea.
Cosmos team member Darryn teaching Community health workers in Wewak Papua New Guinea.
School children in green uniforms get clean water from a borehole pump in Zimbabwe.
A woman brings a sick man to a clinic on a wheelbarrow in Zimbabwe.
Combined team photo of nurses in Zimbabwe.
Combined happy team photo in Zimbabwe.
Students learning in Papua New Guinea.
Combined team photo at Fort Rixon Zimbabwe.
Sizolwethu Health Trust Director Shelta holds up and smiles at a cute baby in Zimbabwe.
Cosmos team members with community healthcare workers in Omu Village, Papua New Guinea.
Cosmos team member, village leaders and community healthcare workers in front of a sea plane in Avatip Papua New Guinea.
Cosmos team member cares for a patient in Zimbabwe.
Cosmos team members building relationships with Avatip Village members in Papua New Guinea.
Healthcare workers receive training packs in Omu village Papua New Guinea.
Cosmos team members travelling in a van in India.
Cosmos team member treats a young child with his mother and brother in Papua New Guinea.
Cosmos Nurse smiles as she treats a Zimbabwean mother and her baby girl in gorgeous pink hats.
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Join our alliance
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Locals don’t have to travel far to make an impact. Even a few hours a week at our office can make a big difference.
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Your donation helps us continue delivering our life-changing health and development programs across the world.
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With varying skills and expertise, our future teams will work with our partners to empower those in the developing world.
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Join the businesses currently helping change and save lives in vulnerable communities through partnering with us.
volunteer experiences
“From the minute I left home, to when my feet touched back on Australian soil, I felt honoured, safe, and part of the team. Interacting with the Community Health Workers was both humbling and rewarding. Hearing their stories around the communities they served stirred my heart deeply.

A real highlight for me was to see them hear, embrace and respond to the principles of health promotion in their communities. I'm so excited to hear the difference their messages will make in the communities they are serving. Thank you, Cosmos Alliance, for allowing me to serve with your organisation - and I can't wait to go again!”
Erin Plumb – Registered Nurse
17 October 2019
The three week trip was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has strengthened me and I have benefited in ways I could not imagine. God is faithful to do exceeding and abundantly more than we can ever ask or imagine!
Luba Vosloo
30 November 2016
As a registered nurse who has been with Cosmos twice to Africa, I can say that it changed the course of my life. Cosmos does great work and brings relief to so many beautiful people there. Keep up the good work.
Suzanne Reynolds – Registered Nurse
12 January 2017
I found the trip immensely humbling. The people of Zimbabwe suffer terribly under extreme poverty and still manage to be cheerful, polite and kind. They do not complain and maintain a sense of pride, humour and hard work. It was a privilege to work with them and try and help in a small way. We can all learn a lot from their daily attitudes to a situation they have no control over. They blew me away and I was very lucky to be in a position to go to Zimbabwe and would love to go back. The organisation of Cosmos and how well cared for we were was fantastic and I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of doing voluntary work to join the Cosmos team.
Lucy Webb-Martin – Registered Nurse
26 October 2017
The opportunities to volunteer with Cosmos Alliance in Zimbabwe alongside the Sizoluwethu Primary Health team and in Papua New Guinea with the Primary Health Professional Development team have been instrumental in developing my confidence and faith in what God wants to do through us as Christians. I recommend that if you feel God is calling you into cross cultural work that you undertake volunteer opportunities and allow God to refine you.
Naomi Sprigg dos Santos – Registered Nurse
4 October 2019
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