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Cosmos Alliance

Cosmos - The universe, or universal

Alliance - A relationship between people, groups, and countries to work together for a specific purpose

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Who we are

The name Cosmos Alliance represents our evolution. It acknowledges our past as ‘Cosmos HealthCare’, and strongly defines our future.

Over time, we’ve learnt and adapted to meet the changing needs of the vulnerable communities we serve. Each day, we look for better ways to improve the health and wellbeing of those less fortunate in the developing world. Caring for the most vulnerable, as Christ did, is always at our core.

Building lasting relationships is important to us. We work with like-minded people, organisations, churches, and authorities to combine our individual strengths. Together, let’s make a greater positive impact.
Cosmos team member Doctor Darren treats and prays for a young child with his mother and brother in Papua New Guinea.
A father and son transport fresh produce in a long canoe on a river in Papua New Guinea.
Cosmos Team member Naomi instructing a Healthcare worker in Papua New Guinea.
Our heritage
Cosmos HealthCare started in 2002 as a heartfelt response to a call for help. Jason James (our Founding CEO) was a young idealistic nurse who felt compelled to help. Jason drew together a small 12-person medical team from his church - they prepared and headed off to India in February 2003.

Since that first step of faith, our organisation has steadily grown and evolved throughout our 20-year journey.

Over the years, we’ve given volunteer teams opportunities to work alongside partners in India, Zimbabwe, Laos, Uganda and Papua New Guinea.

Our partnerships have saved many lives, provided quality clinical care, and improved the health and well-being of thousands of people through a variety of life-changing sustainable health and development programs.
India 2003 Team Photo.
Inaugural Trip - India 2003
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our vision
We aim to transform and empower struggling communities across the developing world by providing them with sustainable health and development projects.
Workers fix Plumtree Bore in Zimbabwe
Our values
Christ centred
We embrace biblical values and follow Christ’s example to help those in need.

We value honesty and ethical decision making across all our activities.

We treat people with dignity, equality, grace and compassion, regardless of race, religion or social status.

We require high levels of transparency and accountability across all levels of our organisation and from our project partners.

We strive to deliver high quality programs as we work alongside our partners.
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Our perth team
Our team of part-time staff and volunteers generously give their time and skills to help us empower people and transform communities.

Talk to us about being an office volunteer.
Headshot of Jason James Founding CEO.

Jason James


Headshot of Trudy James Office Administration.

Trudy James
(not related to Jason)

Headshot of Maureen Kapitola Administration and Logistics Suporrt.

Maureen Kapitola


Headshot of Dr Darryn Rennie Medical Director.
Dr Darryn Rennie

Headshot of Ian Mawson Finance Support.

Ian Mawson


Headshot of Kylie

Kylie Ramachenderan


Headshot of Louise

Louise Irvine

Headshot of Margaret James Copywriting and Proofreading.

Margaret James
(Jason's Mum)

Cosmos Team Members raise their hands up towards the sunset.
Our business partners
In addition to our incredible volunteers and the individual donors who help fund our work, we're very grateful to our corporate partners for the contributions they make in many different ways.

There are a number of ways you can help change and save lives invulnerable communities. Contact us for more information.
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Sizo Health Worker with our CEO Jason James smiling.
Cosmos team member prays with a Zimbabwean man.
Annual reports
Cosmos Alliance believes that as a not-for-profit charity honesty, integrity and transparency is important in everything that we do. Here are our most recent Annual and Financial Reports.
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